A CAS/UCL Training Course for Teachers: Algorithms and Programming


The Department for Education (DfE), England has introduced a new, compulsory, Computing curriculum in all schools from September 2014. The curriculum spans Key Stage 1 through to Key Stage 4 and marks a move away from the teaching of ICT, a subject which is currently taught in many schools, towards a more scientific syllabus. It is hoped that Computing will equip children and young people to be more active participants in the digital world, able to apply computational thinking to problems they encounter and to program computers proficiently. This sea change in attitude towards Computer Science was engendered by Computing At School (CAS), a national, grassroots, membership-based organisation. At the time of writing there are nearly sixteen thousand CAS members organised around one hundred and twelve hubs. The British Computer Society is the principal collaborative partner in this endeavour and CAS has a large number of additional partners in industry and academia who are actively engaged in activities relating to education. One way in which CAS is helping teachers to develop or revise the skills they need is by establishing a cohort of Master Teachers (one hundred or so, at present) who can deliver training to teachers in their local schools and offer support to teachers.

A Work in Progress

This Continuing Professional Development course for primary and secondary teachers has been adapted from the training course for CAS Master Teachers delivered at University College London in collaboration with CAS members in 2014-15.
This Course is a work in Progress. The Algorithms and Programming Course: An Overview and 20 Workbooks and accompanying Worksheets are/will be available for free download, under a creative commons non-commercial license.

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Overview of a Course in Algorithms and Programming for Teachers (PDF)

Overview of a Course in Algorithms and Programming

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