Free Training Course for Primary Teachers

New Free Course for Teachers at UCL

We shall be running a free course in Computational Thinking and Programming for secondary teachers starting January 23rd 2016- details to follow.

Welcome back to the re-launching of this Website

Nearly all workbooks and mission sheets on the website have been largely rewritten and re-ordered. The additional 5 workbooks, including 6-8 are currently in preparation, but the structure and continuity of the course is finalised and nearing completion and we think is stable and useable. The unplugged programming is now complete and available in Repository 1. Thank you to all of you who have participated in the courses and used the downloads and fed back to us.

Google International CS4HS Award 2015

This Project has received the Google International CS4HS Award 2015. Congratulations to the teaching team at UCL — Rae Harbird, Steve Hailes and Dave White.

UCL/CAS Master Teachers 2014-15

UCL/CAS Master Teachers 2014-15 with the Team

Thanks to Computing at School and UCL for giving us the opportunity to undertake the work for this project on the CAS Master Teaching Programme 2014-15. The award supports the further development, adaptation, dissemination and completion of a cross-currcula, project-driven Course in Algorithms and Programming for primary and secondary teachers from KS2 — KS4. The project consists of a downloadable repository of Workbooks for teachers and Worksheets for students. The target date for completion of all Workbooks 1-20 is half term (October 2015).

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