A New Website: Rationale

Ubiquitous computing was yesterday’s dream that became today’s reality; computational thinking is tomorrow’s reality.
— Professor Jeanette Wing.

Ideas, Computational Thinking and Computer Science Pedagogy

This is a new website (formally launched in its present form to meet the start of term in January 2015) and in the next few days, weeks, months will be undergoing fairly rapid changes. It exists to support Computing at School and the Network of Excellence in teaching and maintaining a high standard of Computer Science throughout the school system. Specifically, it is designed for Master Teachers and Teachers in Computing.

Some ideas that this Website builds on
    • Computing Literacy is vital for today’s pupils
    • Computational Thinking precedes programming the Computer
    • Computer Science Pedagogy for schools is key
    • ‘Unplugged’ and ‘plugged-in’ algorithms complement and feed each other
    • The fundamentals of Programming are independent of programming languages
    • The learning of Mathematics, Science, and other subjects can be greatly enhanced by learning how to program
    • The learning of programming is greatly enhanced by exploring other subjects empirically in the process
    • A teacher who learns to program is going to be a better teacher

    to be continued…

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