Computing — The New Literacy

The New Literacy

(In preparation)

We recognise the need to maintain high standards for Computing and at the same time make the subject accessible on a broad scale in schools. As a result of research, working with Teachers and classroom experience,
(see Workbook 11 — Scratch: A Way to Logo and Python )
we are designing a Course in Algorithms and Programming Module 1, which integrates the following components:

Easy (and free) to set up and use Computing environments (with an immediate graphical response)
Projects exploring relevant cross-curricula subjects
Computational Thinking underpinning the Course
A Constructionist base for Teaching and Learning Models.
Starting Point:
No knowledge is assumed of teaching programming or of the programming languages involved in the Course. The main thrust of this module is to develop quality “Teaching and Learning of Computational Thinking and the Fundamental Principles of Programming”, and to achieve a basic level of practical competence in developing algorithms and programming.

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