Repository_kt: The Knight’s Tour

Repository for the Knight’s Tour

The link CAS Knight’s Tour will allow you to download a zip file with

  • The latest beta version 23rd December 2017) of a simple knight’s tour interactive chess board to explore human solutions to open and closed solutions of the knight’s tour problem.
  • black.gif a picture of a chess knight, which must be in the same folder as KT_App1 in order for the program to run
  • A discussion booklet: A Course in Computational Thinking, Creativity and Pedagogy in Programming 1:The Knight’s Tour —Part 1: Human Solutions — It’s a Word version of the web page outlining the problems and describing different human solutions leading to program solutions.
App_KT: Solve the Knight's Tour Problem -- human solution

App_KT: Solve the Knight’s Tour Problem — human solution (Download below)

For a full description read on site knight’s tour booklet

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